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The application of android advertising Player in the government

Author:Admin   Time:March 28th   Click:2007
As the formal implementation of the government information disclosure regulations, government departments at all levels are facing thoroughly improve information publishing services and upgrade the public satisfaction.All kinds of display terminal is the important carrier of government information disclosure, and is the guarantee the people know the important channel for government affairs information, convenient to the masses.To in front of the display terminal unified release management, on the back end for all kinds of information standardization, a government agency needs a set of stable and reliable digital media information release system, to provide flexible and efficient government information portal services.
Government office building: in government office building lobby deploy android advertisement machine and information release system, policy propaganda, government affairs, office instructions and so on.
Public places: through the use of the information release information, can be effective when the firm released to the public announcement, weather warning, pest control, laws and regulations, news, government affairs, for the convenience of service information, etc.

Audio and video conference: through unified broadcast meeting information release system, education training, to strengthen communication between government departments, cost savings.

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